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How does the semi-automatic paper bag machine produce paper bags

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   How does the semi-automatic paper bag machine produce paper bags Date:2021-11-8

How does the semi-automatic paper bag machine produce paper bags

Let's first understand what is a semi-automatic paper bag machine. Semi-automatic is a paper bag mechanical equipment that needs manual intervention.

In the process of producing paper bags, some steps still need the operation and guidance of workers. Compared with the fully automatic paper bag equipment, the semi-automatic operation has better safety. The disadvantage is that the finished product efficiency is not that high. But the price of paper bag machine is much cheaper.

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Semi-automatic Paper bag making machine can produce many different sizes of paper bags. It’s an ideal machine for making shopping paper bags, such as shopping bags and  food packaging bag.

So how does the paper bag making machine produce paper bag products?

The paper bag machine first forms the finished paper bag after the paper on the paper cylinder goes through the processes of edge correction, folding, cutting and edge sealing, and then outputs the finished paper bag in stacks, and then adjusts the size of the paper bag.

paper bag machine

The paper bag production equipment of Hongying Machinery Co., Ltd. is a kind of high-efficiency and energy-saving paper bag production equipment, which can reduce the working intensity of operators, correct the deviation, reduce the waste of paper in the machine room, and adjust the width of paper bag without stopping the machine.

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